Menu, Gastronomic Concepts

The studio successfully develops up to date menu concepts for brand new and established restaurants.


The studio develops special dinners, communal celebrations for private occasions


In collaboration with artists, videographers, chefs, writers & designers the studio conducts gastronomic programs, researchers, makes publications and produces video essays.


The studio creates independent art projects centered around the food as the central medium

Brand Events

The studio develops & creates conceptual gastronomic events for brands and institutions


The idea of the event is inspired by the image of homemade cookery rituals, the elements of which are close to.and understandable to anyone, regardless of place of birth. The focalpont was  the preparation of fresh cheese, a process that is is equally recognisable to Russians, Italians,Arabs and other parts of the world.Ricotta, cottage cheese, curd - the basis of traditional of home cooking, a symbol of cosiness and family hearth.

Client: JOOMWhere: Moscow2024


The concept of the event is based on a combination of opposing phenomena: the ceremonialism of social gatherings meets the mass entertainment industry, the refined aesthetics of haute cuisine meets the simple, colorful codes of street food. High and low in culture are almost always intertwined: what is considered a privileged aspect of the chosen few is gradually transformed and made accessible to the masses, while the counterculture often penetrates the upper classes and becomes an exceptional detail, a gimmick, a rediscovered luxury item.

Client: Orator Club
Where:The State Theatre of Nations, Moscow2024


For the Ultima Salon event, Applied Ingredients studio developed and implemented the gastronomic concept PALE FOOD. The event, which took place in the minimalistic and technological interiors of the underground parking lot, included a presentation of new Chinese cars from the new Ultima park, a concert of contemporary academic music directed by Petr Aidoo, and a performance by the famous singer Yang Ge.

Client: Yandex Ultima
Where: Zaryadie, Moscow