Hospitality Means Survival

Video/Photo Series
Heenat Salma Farm

Hospitality Means Survival is a video and photo series made by Ernest Yakovlev during his short residency, exploring this topic at different outdoor and indoor sites in Qatar.
His camera captured the timeless landscapes of distant areas of Qatar, where there is almost nothing to remind one of life itself, reflecting the harsh realities of ancient trade routes in the region.

One can see how minor changes started to appear: ants bringing sand grains, water flooding into the fields, and the soil coming alive. When it happens, people naturally know what to do: they grow food, take care of animals, and establish a community. Once it is achieved, hospitality is embodied simply in food, the warm atmosphere of a fireplace, and simple, but functional shelters - tents and traditional buildings. It gives an opportunity for craft and art to show itself. The artist is showing this process through shots of The Majlis exhibition and selected photos of tents placed in a rural area of Qatar.