Taste of Qatar

Research/Recipe Book

In his work with QRCC, Ivan explores the emergence and development of Qatari cuisine, as well as its place within the global gastronomic agenda. While studying the culture of the region, he shares his ideas with the editors of East East publication, and curators of Cultural Creative Agency.

This collaboration results in a gastronomic exchange between Qatar and Russia. In 2021, Ivan visited the capital of Qatar, Doha, Souk Waqif market, Desert Rose restaurant, Heenat Salma organic farm (part of the Caravan.Earth foundation), where, as part of Applied Ingredients, he prepared a dinner of local products for the Olympic delegation.

During spring of 2021, Ivan collaborated on a book about Qatari cuisine and recipes with chef Noof Al-Marri. Ivan, Noof Al-Marri and their team of chefs created the menu for the events of the International Economic Forum in St. Petersburg. Part of his role as curator was a series of interviews, including a large panel interview between the former Ambassador of the State of Qatar to the Russian Federation and Aidan Salakhova. The participants discussed the role of culture in diplomacy and overcoming social contradictions, as well as how the coronavirus has changed the art scene.