Desert Hut

Caravane Earth Residency

The Desert Hut was an immersive experience that captured the essence of the work’s surroundings. The food was simple yet rich in flavor, reflecting the slow-food, gastronomy that Caravane.Earth residency stands for. The activities of the residency revolve around the use of local, organic ingredients, the connection with the land and respect for its resources. The Desert Dinner was held in the middle of the Qatari desert, surrounded by the vastness of the landscape, illuminated only by the stars. The Desert Dinner strived to explore the vitality that comes from the sacred connection between humans and the earth, which in this project is represented through instinctive cooking.

Most of the ingredients were harvested from an organic farm, based in the territory of the residency. Coriander flowers were used to prepare broccoli tart; nasturtium formed the basis of salad with fresh coriander seeds; then followed carpaccio from root vegetables, and the threads covering the date branches gave the idea for serving dessert – when burning, they exude a delicate aroma of wood. Watermelon was pickled in seawater from the Persian Gulf.