Black and White Dinner

Communal Space
Moscow, 2021

The event was organized in collaboration with J. Kim, an ethnic Korean with a multicultural background. The project reflects upon the interweaving of Asian and Slavic food cultures and gender roles in gastronomy.

The event was contained in two parts. The Applied Ingredients performance was based on white and bright colors, highlighted by strong directive lights and figures of cooks. Fish in salt with pomegranate and kaffir lime was lying on the table, decorated by snow-white textiles. Breaking the salt, the cook removed the meat segment by segment, exposing the skeleton. A performer offered fish on a bamboo leaf with baked plum and a drop of kaffir lime. It was served by male cooks directly to guests with explanations.

Contrary, part of the performance by J. Kim was placed on a black background, depersonalizing the author of food, lacking a gender role and an indication of authorship. A female figure, covered with an opaque, black cloth —– which, however, left no doubt about the gender of the person hidden behind it —– silently passed through the spaces of the exhibition room. This approach is very characteristic of the domestic household agenda of Eastern civilizations, where women mostly work with food without a chance to be recognizable and appreciable, and where the role of the collective prevails over the individual.

Fashion designer, who lives in between Moscow and Tashkent. Founder of the J.Kim brand.