Haute Dog

The State Theatre of Nations
Orator Club
Moscow, 2024
                                                                                                                           Images:Ernest Yakovlev

The concept of the event is based on a combination of opposing phenomena: the ceremonialism of social gatherings meets the mass entertainment industry, the refined aesthetics of haute cuisine meets the simple, colorful codes of street food. High and low in culture are almost always intertwined: what is considered a privileged aspect of the chosen few is gradually transformed and made accessible to the masses, while the counterculture often penetrates the upper classes and becomes an exceptional detail, a gimmick, a rediscovered luxury item. For this event we have experimented with dishes and objects traditionally belonging to different genres in an attempt to emphasize their difference on the one hand, and on the other to find new harmonious combinations that would be unimaginable in other circumstances.

The two-part event was dedicated to awarding the participants and mentors of the Speakers' Club. The first part took place in the space of the The State Theatre of Nations, where the official part of the event took place, and then moved to the bowling club. The parade gloss of one of the main art theaters of Moscow is at the opposite end of the spectrum of aesthetics of the industrial space of the bowling club, located on the historical territory of the Dukes bicycle factory.


Idea:Guests were invited to view the proceedings through the lens of 1970s New York aesthetics. "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" won an Oscar in 1975, marking the bridging of the gap between accepted social norms and the eccentricity of the madhouse inhabitants. Opened in 1977, the legendary Studio 54 club hosted Grace Jones and Andy Warhol, who appeared in the company of an entourage of freaks, while denying access to the financial markets. And all this against the backdrop of the terrible economic crisis that engulfed New York in the 1970s. Entire neighbourhoods were abandoned and hundreds of graffiti covered the trains. These areas later became trendy neighbourhoods for creative bohemians, and the legacy of street artists became part of the collections of the world's major museums.  The high and the low, the sacred and the profane, the street and the parlour are mixed. 

The State Theatre of Nations

The part at the Theatre of Nations is dedicated to an amazing combination that Studio 54 guests discovered in the 1970s - hot dogs and champagne. Modern connoisseurs of vintage wine, oenologists completely agree with them. And all because the golden youth and cult figures of those times, after a stormy night, went to the creative district of New York - East Village, where they intuitively tasted this, now canonical, combination. Today, the pairing of fine sparkling wines and street food is a big trend among chefs and sommeliers.


Haute Dogs :
Veal sausage / cherry ketchup / black caviar / gold leaf. 
First phalanx of crab / Japanese mayonnaise / velvets 
Octopus / roasted peppers / oyster leaf 
Asparagus / avocado / pai potatoes / ferns 
Chips with fresh black truffle slices 


1100 litre galvanised Euro containers, food ice
Fast food trays paper / gold oracal

Dorogka Bowling

The second part of the event is inspired by the aesthetics of industrial spaces, where raves were originally held and the free movement of electronic dance music adherents was formed. 

Since the event explores the areas of blending grassroots and high aesthetics, it was decided to use the standard bowling menu offering typical fast food items, supplementing it with gourmet delicacies. These were offered as toppings to the main menu.  


Tajas Olives/Grilled Artichokes /Capers on cuttlebone

Tete de Moine /Supreme /Parmigiano Reggiano aged 48 months
Fromager d'Affinois With Black Truffle brie/WYKE Aged cheddar 


Foie gras/Pheasant 
Fish and meat specialities:
Black caviar /Cantabrian anchovies /Bottarga di Muggine/Hamon Iberica 

Bowling Menu

KKKKKombo tray/Pizza (Tuna, Hawaiian, Meat) /Bowl Caesar salad with avacado or Buffalo strips/Rice Bowl Classic/Tuna Bowl/Hummus Bowl with cucumber and pita/Burger + fries/Tuna steak/Cauliflower steak/Beer Tower (assorted)
For the event an edible pyramidal installation of 140 melons stylised as bowling balls was created. Guests could take it with them as a souvenir.