KM20, a Moscow-based concept store, was selected as the best Fashion store of 2017 by Highsnobiety, winning over Colette and Dover Street. KM20 occupies a huge, multi-floor space on Pereulok Stoleshnikov with a restaurant located on the fourth floor.

The restaurant, whose main visitors were representatives of the creative and fashion industry of Moscow and expats, for the first time in the city, represented vegan gastronomy not from the standpoint of an esoteric or activist vision, but as an actual urban cuisine.
During Ivan Dubkov’s time as a brand chef, KM20 changed fully to a vegan direction created by his title of “functional cuisine”. Only whole foods ingredients, rich in vitamins and nutritional micro elements were used to satisfy the needs of creative professionals who frequent the store restaurant, making the place a kind of gastronomic detox.