Bolchevichka Factory
Moscow, 2023

The idea of the event is inspired by the image of homemade cookery rituals, the elements of which are close to.and understandable to anyone, regardless of place of birth. The focal point was  the preparation of fresh cheese, a process that is equally recognisable to Russians, Italians,Arabs and other parts of the world.Ricotta, cottage cheese, curd - the basis of traditional home cooking, a symbol of coziness and family hearth.


Tomato passata with buffalo ricotta and pesto
Tartellini with melted curd and porcini mushrooms
Vareniki with cherries and separated cream
Sformato - hearty ricotta and spinach flan
Arugula, baked plum and ricotta salad made of clarified milk
Royal dates stuffed with curd cheese and anise seeds
Sicilian cannoli
Crostini with ricotta and roasted grapes
Endive with ricotta, caramelised almonds and raspberry sauce

To Table

Brioche buns / artisan bread / focaccia
Tapenade / anchovies / nasturtium leaves


Juice from Sicilian red oranges
 Negroni Svegliato: A Coffee Negroni
Whipped Greek yoghurt with smoked peaches