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Tolstoy is a vegan street gastronomy cafe named after the great Russian writer in the center of Vienna, Austria. The main features are innovative vegan food and its own IT system, which allows all internal processes to be broadcast publicly. This allows anyone to monitor operational statistics in real time: the popularity of dishes, the number of visitors and even all financial indicators.

The physical reinforcement of this concept is expressed in the architecture of the space —- all the walls of the cafe, including the kitchen and technical rooms are made of transparent glass! This is a reverse continuation of Paul McCartney's famous phrase that if the walls of slaughterhouses were transparent, then all people would become vegetarians.

In 2019, a gastronomic concept was developed by Applied Ingredients studio, the next three years - the development and updating of the menu according to the seasons. During this time Tolstoy became the winner of numerous gastronomic awards in Vienna, collaborated with local artists and local producers, and also introduced, among other things, licorice pizza into his menu —- based on fennel stewed in orange juice and Pernoid.