Applied Ingredients is a creative studio whose main subject of research is food placed in an interdisciplinary context. The work takes place at the intersection of gastronomy, contemporary art, multimedia, artistic research, and the development of international mediation. The studio develops gastronomic concepts, conducts events, conducts researches for clients and as an independent practice. 

Founded by Ivan Dubkov in 2019, the studio creates successful experimental menus for restaurants; develops gastronomic concepts for the F&B sector; conducts research related to local food realities and culture for art institutions and government organizations.



Yandex Ultima, Yandex Maps, Peredelkino, Orator Club, Zakat BranchVAC, Richter Hotel (Moscow, Russia) , Tolstoy (Vienna, Austria) , KM20 (Moscow, Russia), Venice Biennale, Embassy of the State of Qatar in Russian Federation, Heenat Salma (Qatar).


Ivan Dubkov


Ivan is a chef, curator, journalist and creative director with wide experience in an international food-related field. Throughout his career Ivan executed concepts, strategies and projects where gastronomy became a language, a tool to unite people with their ideas and desires.

Former gastronomical curator of the Qatar embassy to the Russian Federation. Editor of the book “Tastes of Qatar.” Concept Chef of farm-to-table restaurant Heenat Salma (Qatar). As chef created menus for several notable restaurants and companies in Russia: Richter, KM20, Fresh, IT-company Bookmate. From 2019 to the present moment Ivan is responsible for creating and developing the menudeveloping menu of plant-based restaurant Tolstoy (Vienna, Austria). Contributor to Russian and English languageEngland magazines. Collaborated with institutions such as V-A-C Foundation (Russia), Ural Industrial Biennale (Russia), Caravane Earth Foundation (Qatar).

Rasima Isaeva


Rasima Isaeva is an art manager and exhibition producer. She is building artistic projects together with artists, designers and architects for various cultural institutions such as MMOMA (Moscow, Russia), Unseen Art Fair (Amsterdam, The Netherlands) Venice Biennale 2021 (Venice, Italy), Biennale Mercosul (Mercosul, Brazil), Caravane Earth Foundation (Amsterdam, The Netherlands), London CraftCarft Week (London, UK). During the last year Rasima closely workedworks with the remote craft communities of weavers, ceramists, carpenters in Morocco, Colombia, Qatar making products, researches and exhibitions. Rasima holds a MEcholds MEc in Culture Economics and Entrepreneurship (Erasmus University Rotterdam), her current research focus is the food and design in the context of global ecology crisis.

Ernest Yakovlev

art direction, photography

Ernest Yakovlev is an art director, filmmakerdirector, director of photography and photographer. Currently, his focus of research is nature, science and culture. He studied directing at the Russian State Institute of Cinematography S. A. Gerasimov. 5 years worked as an editor in L'OfficielL'Offciel Russia magazine. He was a participant of the Moscow International Biennale “"Fashion and Style in Photography.”". For 12 years he collaborated with a number of world publishing houses and brands at the intersection of art and commerce, such as: Numero, Vogue, Esquire, Port , Harper's Bazaar, Men's Health, Citizen K, Cartier, Lancôme, Pangaia.

As an artistartists Ersnest specializesis specializing in generative and audiovisual art. Participant and co-organizer of the cultural community and space “"Science and Art”" in Moscow. As an audiovisual artist participated in many events and festivals such as: Signal, Mutabor, New Media Night in Nikola-Lenivets.


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