Sharing Identity

Format: Gastronomic programme
Where: Heenat Salma Farm, Qatar, 2023.

"Sharing Identity" is a gastronomic experience curated and conducted at Heenat Salma, Qatar. Invited chefs, craftspeople, researchers, artists, and tradition bearers represent a wide range of knowledge through food.

The program is dedicated to establishing and fortifying an awareness of traditional food and its connection with the contemporary gastronomic world. We consider the common dinner as an occasion which emphasizes multi-dimensional angles on social, ecological, and cultural perspectives.


Medieval Arab Cuisine

  • Daniel Newman: Professor of Durham University, UK. Author of the book "Eat Like a Sultan," dedicated to medieval culinary Arabic tradition.
5th of May, 2023

Qatary Spices

  • Noof Al-Marri: Celebrated Qatari chef, owner of Desert Rose cafe, Doha.
27th of April, 2023

Desert Survival Dinner

  • Ivan Dubkov: Gastronomic curator of Caravane Earth, concept chef.
18th of May, 2023

Contemorary Nomads

  • Salman Jaidah: First professional male chef in the country.
19th of February, 2023

Qatar Generosity - Unconditional Meaning

  • Hamad Almuhannadi: A Qatari creative whose passion lies between gastronomy and arts.
26th of January, 2023